PEX Repipes

Why Choose PEX

PEX, Quality and Durability

America’s new favorite repipe material is PEX, a high quality and very durable plastic. Because it requires fewer fittings, PEX also requires less labor than other repipe metals, ultimately helping you save money. Our PEX pipes help prevent corrosion, freezing and leaks.

PolyEthylene that is cross-linked, or PEX, is an flexible, high-density, durable plastic that is becoming the favorite material for home repipes. With fewer fittings and less labor, PEX repipes are afforable.

The quality of PEX pipes vary widely. Streamline only uses Uponor PEX system that easily out does any other PEX product in quality, safety and reliability. These PEX pipes are manufactured without torchers, chemicals or glues and can be installed without any lead components. This high-quality affordable PEX repipe is guaranteed for life.