Why Repipe

Benefits of Repipes

Having pipes that are built to last and will last a lifetime benefits you. We can guarantee that our repipes will last a lifetime as we know our business (we only do repipes) and we only use the highest quality repipe materials available. We are even able to repipe your home for a lower price than a plumber or contractor would give you.

  • No leaks
  • Amazing water Pressure throughout your home
  • Clean water
  • High-Quality plumbing for years to come
  • Shower without fear of someone flushing
  • Peace of mind of your plumbing quality
  • Positive selling point for your home

Copper, Go To Material

Over the years copper has been the go to plumbing material though the quality of copper varies. It has been shown that American-made copper pipes, like the ones we use, are of the highest quality based on their manufacturing process. Since these materials are built to last we can give a lifetime guarantee.

A home built just five years ago could still have corroding pipes that will continue to wear down and empty your wallet. Streamline can offer you high-quality copper repipes that are installed by Highly- qualified professionals that have decades of experience to assure you that your plumbing worries become a thing of the past and stay there.

When made outside of the US, the quality of a copper pipe are drastically lower than those made to the high standards of quality here in the US. Contractors will often lower their cost by using copper pipes that are too thin or prone to corrosion and even then will still charge you a high price on your repipe. Streamline only uses high-quality, American-made, Grade L copper pipes. With that we can guarantee our work last for life. And with our high quality pipes and expertise, we can still give you a price to beat that of a plumber or contractor.

PEX, Quality and Durability

America’s new favorite repipe material is PEX, a high quality and very durable plastic. Because it requires fewer fittings, PEX also requires less labor than other repipe metals, ultimately helping you save money. Our PEX pipes help prevent corrosion, freezing and leaks.

Poly Ethylene that is cross-linked, or PEX, is an flexible, high-density, durable plastic that is becoming the favorite material for home repipes. With fewer fittings and less labor, PEX repipes are affordable.

The quality of PEX pipes vary widely. Streamline only uses Uponor PEX system that easily out does any other PEX product in quality, safety and reliability. These PEX pipes are manufactured without torchers, chemicals or glues and can be installed without any lead components. This high-quality affordable PEX repipe is guaranteed for life.